We’re Inspiring A Community Of Brain Injury Survivors



From our very beginning (30 years ago!), Success Rehabilitation has been a mission-driven company out to prove that business can be a force for good in the world. Our mission is truly what drives us and we’ve been a company with strong beliefs about the rights of individuals with brain injury. We believe that a company's values are as important as the programs it provides. This belief continues to be a pillar of our success and we partner with non-profits like the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania to ensure that a portion of our revenue goes to supporting education, advocacy, and research efforts to maximize the quality of life for those with brain injuries. We have a lot of beliefs, but the biggest one is that we have a responsibility to help our clients on their road to recovery. What do you believe? We invite you on our journey to make a difference for those who have experienced brain injury.

About Us

Success Rehabilitation is the single provider of premier, client-centric, therapeutic programs in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for adults who have sustained a traumatic brain injury or other neurological impairment. Our team of experienced brain injury professionals deliver an array of traditional and non-traditional therapeutic services and all medical and therapeutic services are developed and coordinated by Success care managers.

Here's how we continue to grow

It's simple, we love what we do. Our team of passionate rehabilitation professionals help create new opportunities with those who have experienced traumatic brain injury and other neurological impairments. And while healthcare is serious business, we believe that our clients are more likely to reach their goals when encouraged to have fun, smile, and feel empowered along the way.


Life with Success 

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Our Vision

Our vision for the future is clear : To become the provider of choice for individuals, families, and community partners by exhibiting leadership in maximizing the quality of life for persons with brain injury.

Our Mission

The Success Rehabilitation community shares one simple, unifying mission : Creating new opportunities with those who have experienced brain injury - one individual, one family, one Success at a time.

Our Core Values

We are committed to having a team diverse in background, skills, and experience. What we share in common is our desire to provide the highest quality care for our clients in their everyday lives. To meet these standards, our team at Success is guided by six core values.