5 Tips for Creating Social Impact Success


By Kevin Tangney , Director of Marketing & Social Impact @successrehabiliation with photos by Janelle Courtney

Success Rehabilitation Instructors with Athleta Brand Ambassadors

Success Rehabilitation Instructors with Athleta Brand Ambassadors

In March 2019, Success Rehabilitation made history by becoming the only medical rehabilitation provider and the first program for individuals with brain injury to earn B Corporation Certification. Over the last five months, our team has made it a priority to integrate social impact into our culture, value, and strategy. Here are a few tips on how your organization can successfully integrate social impact.

1. Celebrate & Educate

We celebrated our B Corp Certification with a rollout party for the entire team, allowing us to enjoy the accomplishment and provide further education through a B Corp 101 presentation. All team members and our clients received B Corp pins, posed for pictures and enjoyed some much-deserved treats. Our entire Executive Leadership Team was in attendance to demonstrate their commitment to the movement.

2. Structure for Success

After further evaluation of our B Corp Score, we decided to form internal “Community and Environmental Committees” to ensure our continued progress and education across the organization. To organize these committees, we held an extensive internal application process to determine committee leadership, which included a candidate interview and a written essay. Candidates were then selected based on several criteria, including their desire and commitment to embrace the shared values of this movement. At Success, we are fortunate to have many talented team members that are now sharing their knowledge and passion for environmental and community impact.

“I am passionate about the environment, not simply because it would raise our B Corp score, but because I recognize the importance in taking care of our planet. I believe that we have an amazing group of people here at Success, both clients and staff, and that if we, as a committee, take the steps to educate our community on strategies how to reduce our environmental impact, and create events or strategies that the clients can get excited about, that we can really make a difference.” - Environmental Committee Leader

Our committee leaders are guided by a customized improvement report, a roadmap of improvements that fulfill our organizational priorities. While the roadmap is essential to keep us on track, we value creative thinking and the flexibility to empower committee members to bring forth ideas that affect real change in the organization. Along with specific sub-committee assignments such as policy, research & planning, and community outreach, all of our members are considered B Corp champions, charged with communicating new team initiatives and the purpose of the B Corp movement to their colleagues and network of influencers.

Tracy Yatsko, host at PBS39 & Brain Injury Warrior practicing yoga at Success Rehabilitation

Tracy Yatsko, host at PBS39 & Brain Injury Warrior practicing yoga at Success Rehabilitation

3. Create Local Partnerships

Every organization is its own community. Each one also has a role in the bigger societal picture. At Success, we view community-building as a key component to our long-term success. We embrace social responsibility and the need to build and foster a stronger community. That is why we created the B Corp Summer Series.

Our B Corp Summer Series is comprised of three partnership events with fellow local B Corps that aim to build a more inclusive community and raise awareness for the brain injury. As an example, we teamed up with Athleta for a day of physical and mental health and wellness. The event included an interactive panel of influential female community advocates discussing the #Powerofshe and wellness tips for our audience of brain injury survivors and professionals. Our event participants then enjoyed sessions on self-defense and adaptive yoga, which was taught by Athleta brand ambassadors and assisted by our lead instructors and community influencers.

4. Diversify Content Distribution

Leading up to the event, we shared themed nutritional tips through a blog post and hosted the panel on FB Live for our community. A benefit of FB Live is the ability to download the video after the live stream, allowing us to then upload it to IGTV and further pullout content for other mediums.

5. Grow Together

Kevin Tangney, Director of Marketing & Social Impact moderating panel at Success Rehabilitation

Kevin Tangney, Director of Marketing & Social Impact moderating panel at Success Rehabilitation

The ability to bring the community together and use business as a force for good is a truly gratifying experience. Remember, the #1 required skill for today and the future is community building because no one will accomplish much anymore by themselves. We will be partnering with local B Corp One Village Coffee and Martin Guitar to round out our B Corp Summer Series.

Success Rehabilitation is on a mission to create opportunities for those who have experienced brain injury: one individual, one family, one success at a time. Its team of specialized professionals in traumatic brain injury and neurological impairment deliver consistent quality service effectively and efficiently for patients in the Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic region.  

Its five CARF Accredited specialty areas of brain injury are offered in a post-acute residential and outpatient setting, ensuring the highest quality of service excellence. Recently, they have become the only medical rehabilitation provider and first program for individuals with brain injury to earn B Corporation Certification, verifying they meet the highest standards of social accountability to balance profit and purpose.