When the polls open, we….make sure everyone can get there!


It’s pretty cool that we all get to impact our country’s future on Tuesday, November 6th. What’s less cool? That many of us probably won’t vote in the 2018 midterm. Only forty percent of eligible voters turned out for the last midterm elections, according to FairVote’s most recent report. So far the numbers are trending positive. I hope we can change that statistic this election day as voting is a fundamental right of all citizens that enables them to choose the leaders of tomorrow. These rights extend to those in our community, individuals with acquired and traumatic brain injury. As such, we have to help educate our clients about the midterm elections, so they can make an informed decision if they choose so, especially in a year with enormous political stakes. Similar to a hospital, we operate 24/7/365.

When the polls open, we don’t close; we make sure everyone can get there.

Since the start of campaign season, we have been educating our clients on the importance of voting and having a voice, how to vote, who is running, and the ins and outs of what is going on in the debates. Here is a sample lesson plan from Success Rehabilitation’s Dean Moyer, for his Real Talk NeuroCognitive Group.

2018 Midterm Elections 
Topic: Debates


  • Group Discussion

  • Have the team work together and respond to each other’s questions.

  • Improve patience and listening by giving everyone a chance to speak.


  • Instructor will start group with a refresher of the topics that we discussed last week. (Dealing with Ignorant Remarks)

  • Instructor will then present the topic of the week (Debates).

  • Clients and instructor discuss previous involvement with a debate

  • After going around the group discussing each person’s personal experience, the instructor will present some information about the proper etiquette to have for a debate.

  • There will be a few topics debated, but the main one will be about the “Right to Vote” and “Should you Vote?”

  • The goal is to be able to handle these tough arguments and learn something from each other, to prepare for the coming election.

We all know that client education is only half the battle! At Success, our instructors help ascertain the state so each client so we can assist in registration and request for absentee ballots. The team also checks the status and location of voter registration cards and make transportation arrangements so our clients can go the polls on Tuesday, November 6th.

The best way we can fight for the brain injury community is to engage in the political process on Tuesday, November 6th. You can go to vote.org to check your registration status and contact the Brain Injury Association of America to learn who are the champions of the brain injury community.