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Success Rehabilitation is made up of honest, responsible, and self disciplined people who are passionate about helping people with traumatic brain injury. We take our commitment to providing the best quality of care to our clients seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously. 


The most rewarding thing is when you see people grow. To see them taking on more responsibility, setting their own goals and realizing what’s important to them. This happens at Success Rehabilitation, every day.
— Joanne Tangney, CEO

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At Success, we value growth, development, and giving back to the community. Check out #facesofsuccess for a behind the secnes look at our workplace.


When we started Success in 1990, we first and foremost wanted to create a place that was designed to foster encouragement, professional development, and security. This meant creating an environment that did not adhere to a corporate structure or bureaucratic mentality, and a place where talented individuals would be empowered to do great work with little in their way.


We offer the highest starting salaries/rates in the industry. 


Our benefits are not just to make sure our employees are healthy and happy but an effort to make Success the best possible place for our employees to work. We offer medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as income protection, retirement, and survivor benefits.

Professional Development 

We believe in internal promotion and provide our team with an extensive array of programs and certifications, fund external training, and offer tuition reimbursement.  

Casual Work Environment 

We are professional but there is no official dress code, come as you are. 

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The Team

We're a group of professionals who want to make a difference every day.