Dr. Karen Rosenberger.jpg

Karen L. Rosenberger, Psy.D.
Director of Neuro-Rehabilitation Services/Psychotherapist

Dr. Rosenberger is a Pennsylvania-licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of the emotional and behavioral needs of persons with acquired traumatic brain injury. Her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology is from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She is a seasoned clinician, with years of experience in a wide range of settings with persons with compromised brain functioning.  With clients at Success, Dr. Rosenberger’s individual psychotherapy blends teaching real-world problem-solving with the cultivation of healthy coping skills.  In her leadership role at Success, Dr. Rosenberger supervises clinicians, develops outcomes measurement of clients’ advances, enhances communication systems between multidisciplinary team members, and works closely with the President and all staff to implement the mission of the company.