The Direct Support Professional III, is responsible to provide support to the Clinical Manager and Program Administrator to help assure that all clinical and program activities are completed properly.  Direct Support Professional III serves as Team Leader, assisting with training of new staff; coordinating weekend activities; monitor facility needs.  Additional responsibilities include oversight of the Vehicle Safety and client transportation activities including supervision of the Transportation Coordinator.

Reports to:   Clinical Manager and Facility Manager/Program Administrator

Type: full-time



  1. Comply with all Success Rehabilitation, Inc. policies and procedures as stated in all company manuals.

  2. Be familiar with the mission of Success Rehabilitation, Inc. and work towards assuring that mission is integrated as part of all job efforts.

  3. Work in residential areas and day program as assigned.

  4. Coordinate weekend client activities 

  5. Support the Clinical Manager

  6. Responsible for Orientation and training of new staff.

  7. Serve as Team Leader 

  8. Provide assistance to clients per ADL Profile as required

  9. Provide transportation for clients as necessary

  10. Assist with medication administration per SRI policies after successful completion of state approved medication training program and yearly practicums.

  11. Function as Team Leader

  12. Responsible for monitoring of successful completion of Unit or Section requirements by assigned staff.

  13. Primary Liaison with Clinical Manager, Program Administrator, Clinical Team, Nurses to report and follow-up on identified client and unit issues

  14. Serve on SRI Committees as assigned

  15. Complete all documentation fully and per procedures.

  16. Promptly report all significant incidents, crisis situations and other client/staff developments during shift per chain of command and complete proper documentation

  17. Implement and document outcome data as specified by Clinical Team.

  18. Follow all Safety Policies and Procedures and use proper safety techniques as needed.  

  19. Meet company policy on attendance and punctuality

    II. Non-Essential

  1. Regularly attend and participate in staff meetings

  2. Attend all required training

  3. Report any noticeable facility/client maintenance issue to Program Administrator using established procedure.


  • Minimum 3-5 years’ experience at SRI with performance ratings of Proficient or Advanced

  • Experience as a Unit Leader/Team Leader/Section Leader

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Demonstrated ability to establish rapport with other staff and clients

  • Associate Degree or Bachelor’s Degree in a field related to Human Supports preferred

  • Have and maintain annually CBIS Certification (preferred), or Success Brain Injury Certificate program, both which include 10 hours of brain injury education per year


  • Valid Driver’s License