Success Rehabilitation provides the highest quality care for persons with acquired brain injury through our CARF accredited programs. 



What is Success Rehabilitation? 

Success Rehabilitation is the single provider of premier therapeutic programs in southeastern Pennsylvania for adults who have sustained a traumatic brain injury or other neurological impairment.  

Physical Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury 

Physical Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury 

CARF Accredited Programs.

We are proud to provide a greater array of services that most programs in the state of Pennsylvania and have maintained CARF accreditation since 1992. Today we are accredited in 4 specialty areas of brain injury programs.

All of our plans and services are created, proved and managed by our team of rehabilitation experts. 

Competitive and Flexible Pricing for TBI Services

Competitive and Flexible Pricing for TBI Services

Partners : Workers Compensation | Public | Private.

We offer very competitive and flexible pricing inclusive of all evaluation, services and transportation needs with the ability to meet a wide variety of needs along he spectrum of physical and cognitive impairment.


We believe in family support.


There are many support systems both clinical and social for our client's family members to utilize.



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