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Krista Compas, BS, CBIS
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist

Ms. Compas graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s Degree in Disability Services and a Minor in Deaf Studies.  Before coming to Success Rehab, Ms. Compas worked for the Drucker Brain Injury Center, Community Re-Entry Program at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital for eight years where she gained most of her experience in working with people with traumatic and acquired brain injuries.  Prior to working at Moss Rehab, she worked for a job coaching agency serving people with a mental health diagnosis.  Ms. Compas has been employed by Success since 2015 and currently runs our student internship program for both Drexel University and PennState University.  In addition to her role as a CRT and student supervisor, she now supervises the Community Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy department.  Ms. Compas is also a member of the External Marketing and Branding committee at Success Rehab. She is also a part of the Vocational Group Planning Committee and assisted with running and implementing a module based vocational group.  Ms. Compas holds and maintains her certificate as a Certified Brain Injury Specialist since 2008.