Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Program


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Success Rehabilitation provides CARF accredited outpatient services at our residential rehabilitation facility and at our new outpatient neurologic rehabilitation program. The Outpatient Neurologic Rehabilitation Program, named Success NeuroRehab, provides specialized rehabilitation services including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, cognitive rehabilitation therapy, and our NeuroCognitive Program to those with acquired and traumatic brain injury. 

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Karen L. Rosenberger, Psy.D.               

Director of Neuro-Rehabilitation Services/Psychotherapist

Our Expertise

The Outpatient Neurologic Rehabilitation Program will offer the latest treatment options for occupational, physical, speech, and cognitive therapy using evidence-based treatment techniques.

Some of the amenities available will include:

  • Open, gym space with natural light and comfortable surroundings
  • Private physical and speech therapy treatment rooms
  • Outdoor spaces to practice mobility skills on varied terrains
  • Specialty equipment for strengthening, balance, standing and gait training, visual-perceptual testing and training, and speech and voice therapies

Opening August 28th, 2018!

361 South 11th Street
Quakertown, PA 18951

Join Our Wait List

We plan on opening our doors to the brain injury community in Summer 2018 and are not currently accepting client admissions. To join our wait list please fill out the form below and call 215-538-3488 - ask for our Admissions Department.


NeuroCognitive Program

NeuroCognitive Program services focus on providing cognitive rehabilitation to improve individual interaction in major life activities including, but not limited to, speaking, learning, working, concentrating, reading, processing of information, and communication.  

  • Technology 
  • Compensatory strategy training 
  • Self-awareness instruction 
  • Self-advocacy training 
  • Goal Setting  
  • Supervised practice
  • Peer interaction/support
  • Appropriate social skills

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy


Cognitive rehabilitation therapists provide evaluations and treatments to develop and enhance cognitive functions across the following domains:

  • Attention Skils
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Memory Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Visuospatial Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists provide evaluations and treatments to improve function in daily life activities. Treatment focuses on:

  • Equipment prescription (splinting, FES, wheelchairs, and adaptive equipment)

  • Visual-perceptual and functional cognitive screening/training

  • Activities of daily living (ADLs)
  • Upper extremity function and neuromuscular re-education
  • Spasticity management

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists provide evaluation and treatment to improve communication, thinking skills, and dysphagia, (eating and swallowing problems.) Treatment focuses on:

  • Expressive communication (verbal and written) and receptive communication (auditory and reading).
  • Awareness and use of non-verbal communications.
  • Dysphagia evaluation, treatment, and caregiver training.
  • Strategies to improve intelligibility (pacing, articulation, and voice).
  • Cognitive-linguistic skills, such as attention, memory, organization, problem solving, planning, etc.
  • Functional strategies to improve integration into the SRI program and the community at large.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists provide evaluations and treatments to improve strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and mobility skills. Treatment focuses on:

  • Functional mobility training and therapeutic exercise

  • Gait and balance training

  • Vestibular and concussion rehabilitation

  • Spasticity management

  • Equipment prescription 

  • Equestrian 

  • Lower extremity function and neuromuscular re-education


For Patients 

For your convenience, you will be able to check in for all same-day appointments at the Success NeuroRehab through a centralized, check-in desk near the front lobby. In addition to all outpatient services, you also can access information about our main residential facility.

For Health Care Professionals 

Success NeuroRehab will provide comprehensive services to refer and track patients, as well as provide the latest information and news for physicians and office staff. To refer your patients to Success NeuroRehab's waiting list, please fill out the forms below or call 215-538-3488 and ask for our Admissions Department.