Rosemary Harren, CBIS, CESP
Vocational Supervisor

Ms. Harren joined Success Rehabilitation’s Vocational Team as a full time job coach in April 2013. She had previously spent time in direct care and most recently worked with adults with serious mental health issues for 16 years, the last 6 of them as the Program Director in Bucks County. During her time at Success, she has led the vocational job coaching team and became the Lead Vocational Assistant in March 2015, being responsible for much of the training of the new job coaches and scheduling for the part time job coaching staff. She was promoted to Vocational Supervisor in 2018. Ms. Harren’s excitement continually grows in her position of Vocational Specialist and helps the clients at Success reach their vocational goals. She obtained and maintains her CBIS certification and recently has become a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP).