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Outpatient Concussion Program

The science of concussion is evolving as researchers, doctors and therapists come to a greater understanding of concussion recovery stages and the process of returning to work, school and play. Our Concussion Program can help our clients get back to their daily activities without further injury.

Our specialized outpatient rehabilitation for concussion in Quakertown, PA provides prompt appointments for the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of adult and concussions. We focus on getting you a  diagnosis, an individualized plan for the management and treatment of your symptoms, as well as any potential long-term care. We evaluate and treat patients injured from automobile accidents, slips-and-falls, sports, workplace accidents, and more. We provide a team approach to ensure you receive the specialized care you need to fully recover.

Treatment Location:

361 South 11th Street 

Quakertown, PA 18951

To schedule outpatient rehabilitation for concussion, call 215-538-3488

Insurance Information

Success NeuroRehab Concussion Clinic participates with Medicare and workers' comp insurance plans.

Our Providers 

As a premier post-acute rehabilitation provider of treatment for brain injury, Success Rehabilitation has been recognized as a leader in the field of rehabilitation treatment and recovery for more than 31 years. Our team of concussion specialists includes: 

  • Nurse practitioners

  • Psychologists

  • Cognitive and speech therapists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Physical therapists

Baseline testing for concussion

If you play sports, we recommend having baseline test results on file in the event of a concussion. The Success NeuroRehab Outpatient Concussion Program is a Credentialed Consultant of ImPACT testing, a computerized program that evaluates brain functions. Baseline test results can be compared to post-injury test results to help clinicians determine when it is safe to resume normal activities. The test usually takes less than half an hour to complete.

Post-concussion testing

If you suspect a concussion has occurred, request an appointment to schedule post-concussion testing. The results will be used to develop an individualized concussion management program to monitor and track your recovery. The post-concussion program provides a state-of-the-art, medically-based plan with clear guidelines to support timely and safe return-to-play and appropriate accommodations for school or work.

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Karen L. Rosenberger, PsyD

Director of NeuroRehabilitative Services

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Devon Saltzer MS, OTR/L, CKTP, CBIS

Outpatient Therapy Clinical Supervisor

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Rachel Higdon PT, DPT

Physical Therapist