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Clinical Coordination In Brain Injury Recovery 

Physical and neurological complications are the frequent result of brain injury. Clinical collaboration is essential when treating an individual. At Success Rehabilitation, we arrange consultation, evaluation, and medical oversite with a broad spectrum of clinical specialists, based on a client’s needs and therapy goals. 


These physicians are experienced professionals who help clients maximize rehabilitation by addressing problem areas associated with their injury. During and after a pre-admission evaluation, Success Rehabilitation identifies which specialists may need to be utilized for a client’s treatment plan.​

A Comprehensive Approach To
Client Care

The client’s therapy team, led by a case manager, assesses physical, cognitive, and psychosocial deficits, and identify specialists within Success Rehabilitation or in the area of the clinic, and set an appointment.  Therapists may accompany clients to appointments, discuss with the specialist suggested treatment and actions for in-clinic practice, then ensure those instructions are carried out in rehabilitation. 


Medical cooperation is a key consideration of Success Rehabilitation's comprehensive approach. Our clinical collaboration is an in-depth component of care that ensures that all aspects of brain injury are taken into account and treated.

Doctor and Patient
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