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How Can Mindfulness Practice Help With TBI Rehabilitation? 

A growing science has begun to document the benefits of yoga and meditation for traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, including psychosocial, cognitive, and physical improvements. 


At Success Rehabilitation, our mindfulness service is focused on key themes including stress management, improving mood by managing negative emotions, and enhancing focus and concentration. We incorporate themes of mindfulness into our overall curriculum and culture to ensure our clients learn not only how to understand what it means to be mindful, but to also move through their lives mindfully each day.

Types of Mindfulness Services At Success Rehabilitation


At Success Rehabilitation, we teach a variety of traumatic brain injury adapted meditation and breathing techniques to quiet the mind and relax the body. While it is unclear how meditation as a whole affects traumatic brain injury symptoms, the benefits of meditation are far-reaching: decreasing stress, improving mood, increasing a sense of well-being, enhancing memory, concentration, and focus.


At Success Rehabilitation, we recognize the importance of the mind-body connection. Our yoga group, adapted for traumatic brain injury, fosters alignment of the body and mind by instilling focus, clarity, and intention.

Walking Groups

By connecting green, natural spaces with physical activity, our goal is to improve our clients’ emotional health and overall mood. Our groups walk together in nearby Nockamixion State Park.

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