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Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation - Quakertown, PA

8 hours a day / 7 days a week

Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation - Program Focus

Success Rehabilitation's Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Program offers a 21-bed facility for those who cannot safely live alone, with family or other support persons. The program provides a range of integrated therapies, including neurocognitive day therapy at varying levels of intensity up to 8 hours a day, six days a week. Supervision is 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The program focuses on areas such as physical functioning, communication, cognitive treatment, daily living activities, community engagement, recreation therapy, psychological counseling, and behavior management.

Success residents are encouraged to do as much for themselves as they can to get ready in the morning – showering, shaving, and dressing – as well as cleaning their rooms and doing laundry. The goal for residents and their caregivers is the prepare them to be as independent as possible prior to a transition to their home and/or community. Success's caring team of trained professionals provide support and assistance as needed.

Success Rehabilitation's Community Based Residential Programs are available for individuals requiring structured and semi-independent environments. Located in small homes and apartments within the community, vocational support, leisure planning, and community access are integral to ensuring success for these individuals over time.

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary expertise empowers our team to conduct assessments and develop treatment plans to include ambitious recovery goals for clients served. We respect the person-centered model of care, which provides for client collaboration to develop goals towards further independence. A wide range of therapeutic services help clients meet the full range of their needs.

Clinical Information

As determined by the clinical team at Success Rehabilitation, a client's acuity and stability level must allow for active participation in residential services for goal attainment at Success Rehabilitation's Residential Supported Living Program. Assessment by the clinical team will determine the intensity of services.


Who Is a Good Fit for Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation?

Success Rehabilitation's Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Programs address the most challenging and complex neurobehavioral issues. Our programming provides rehabilitation and clinical support for a variety of issues including self- care issues, significant mobility issues, transfers, medication trials, bowel and bladder training, and skincare issues. Levels of assistance are modified as improvement, or in some cases, deterioration occurs. 

Highlights At This Location


Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation Program

The services at our main facility include case management, nutritional counseling, art & music therapy, psychotherapy, psychiatry, and Neurocognitive Day Program.

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