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Did you know there are residential programs for brain injury that are different from the inpatient hospital setting Success Rehab is just one example of what a community living program can look like. We provide post-acute rehabilitation for both residential and outpatients, but also do so much more to empower brain injury survivors to grow in confidence, find employment, and simply enjoy life! - Cristabelle Bradan


Learn about the Virtual Reality (VR) Program being implemented at Success Rehabilitation in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, from Cognitive Technology Specialist, Matthew Barrett. The goal of this VR program is to combine cognitive therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy skills to provide clientele with a full-body experience within a safe environment.



Hear from a registered and licensed dietitian, Jacqui Jarrett, Success Rehabilitation, about the importance of a healthy diet after a brain injury. She will explain the type of fuel we need to supply our brain with energy in order to function efficiently. Jacqui also helps us with meal planning and tells us what a  nutritious and balanced meal should look like so we can set ourselves up for success.


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