Treatment for the whole person 

At Success Rehabilitation, our treatment approach centers around the whole person. Our clinical team works together with clients, their families and their treatment teams to identify and treat symptoms along our continuum of care. Once the survival mode ends directly following a catastrophic injury, the process of emotional healing begins.


The strength of our services lies in the unique balance we create between individualized treatment and the integration of a supportive

peer-based community.

Support Group

What This Looks Like 

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Upon enrollment, all of our clients receive a comprehensive assessment that includes a meeting with our registered dietitian, academic advisor, and, if indicated, can include additional members of our health and wellness team.

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Individualized Services

Our diverse team of clinicians and practitioners use our comprehensive assessment as a road map for our clients’ time at Success.  Our services are available 7 days a week and can include a range of holistic care ranging from meditation and reiki to personal training and acupuncture.

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Personal Care Plan (PCP)

All of our individualized services are uniquely designed to help our clients establish a balanced and self-sustaining life with a complete toolkit for independence.

Therapeutic Themes & Therapies

All of our services are supported by a diverse range of clinical and community treatment approaches, be that individual and family therapy, skills therapy, groups, or volunteering.

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