Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Program -

Dublin & Quakertown, PA

8 hours a day / 5 days a week / 4 hrs weekend

Success Rehabilitation's Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Program enables a continuation of recovery and rehabilitation for people with acquired and traumatic brain injury. The full-day program continues our client's rehabilitation track from an inpatient setting, or from the community, and provides ongoing assessment and therapeutic intervention.

Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Progam

Clients in the Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Progam arrive each day at Success Rehabilitation to participate in facility-based treatment and receive personal attention in a compassionate environment that encourages success. 


A Success Rehabilitation case manager will help coordinate each client's individualized care with the rehabilitation team. The rehabilitation team is led by a psychotherapist and may include physical, occupational, speech, and recreation therapists, a nurse, a rehabilitation counselor, a vocational specialist, an exercise specialist, and a cognitive rehabilitation therapist. You or your loved one may see one type of therapist or a combination, depending on the services needed.


A sample of our specialized therapies include:

Clients and their rehabilitation teams will organize activities such as grocery shopping, accessing transportation, dining out at local restaurants, and pre-vocational and vocational assessments and counseling to help ease the transition back to the community, work, or school.

Support Group

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary expertise empowers our team to conduct assessments and develop treatment plans to include ambitious recovery goals for clients served. We respect the person-centered model of care, which provides for client collaboration to develop goals towards further independence. A wide range of therapeutic services help clients meet the full range of their needs.

Clinical Information

As determined by the clinical team at Success Rehabilitation, a client's acuity and stability level must allow for active participation in services for goal attainment at Success Rehabilitation's Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Progam. Assessment by the clinical team will determine the intensity of services.

Who Is a Good Fit for
Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Program?

Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Progam is an option for adults over 18 who have a mild to severe brain injury. The appropriate starting point for this program is typically several months to several years after the time of the injury or illness. The Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Progam takes place at our main facility in Quarkertown, PA, or at one of our neurorehabilitation outpatient program locations.

Jimmy's Journey of Transformation  

Jimmy D. a TBI survivor and client at Success Rehabilitation shares a passion for helping transform communities by sharing his passion for music. Jimmy is an active participant in our Structured Day NeuroCognitive Treatment Progam.