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Why Is Vocational Support Important?

Finding a job can be an overwhelming, daunting task, and yet a necessary element of sustained independence. At Success Rehabilitation, we assist our clients with all the necessary core skills to secure and maintain employment. From resume-building to role-playing potential interviews, we offer both individual support and groups dedicated to job readiness and vocational planning.

Securing and maintaining employment is a meaningful part of long-term independence. We realize that the hurdle of finding a job can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking, causing potential avoidance. Our customized one-on-one and group support helps clients identify their career interests, outline a path to work towards their job goals, and develop the structure and tools necessary to make it happen.​

Types of Vocational Counseling Support 

Individual Support

The job search process always begins with “what do you want to do.” Through one-on-one support, we help our clients process and reflect on vocational interests, identify corresponding employment opportunities, and help hold clients accountable to their job search goals. Our vocational specialists introduce themselves to local businesses and networks as we recognize the importance of extending the search process beyond the internet.

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A Group Approach

Our weekly groups help clients connect with peers and together learn foundational job searching skills such as writing resumes, the basics of successful interviewing, and following up with potential job leads. By witnessing peers navigate similar circumstances, our goal is that clients can learn from one another.

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Skill Development

Based on vocational interests and personal skills, our clients may require additional support focused on key areas of the job application and interviewing processes, such as crafting a cover letter or managing pressure. Our vocational specialists and therapists are there to support these needs that can also be paired with enhancing skills like communication. 

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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Every day, individuals with disabilities add significant value and talent to our workforce and economy. Individuals with disabilities offer employers diverse perspectives on how to tackle challenges and achieve success. Individuals with disabilities have the right talent, right now.

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