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Types of Life Skill Support


Healthy, sustainable living requires the right life skills and daily routine to maintain balance and independence. At times, our clients need assistance learning essential daily living skills from cooking and cleaning to personal hygiene and self-care.


At Success Rehabilitation, our cognitive rehabilitation therapists are available to provide in-home support to assist in learning and developing daily living skills, reinforcing a foundation for purposeful, mindful living.


Areas of Focus

Based on our clients’ needs, life skill support can be focused on cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, personal care, budgeting, and social skill.

Flexible Support In Any Environment

Skills therapy is focused on our clients’ key area(s) of opportunity, be that activities of daily living, executive function, independent living, or other therapy exposure needs. Sessions can occur daily or weekly, depending on our clients’ clinical and life goals. Skills therapy can be scheduled in various environments depending on the focus, be that at our program locations, out in the community, or at a client’s home.

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How Do We Ensure The Successful Learning Of Life Skills?

We believe in learning through real-time support and accountability. Life skills are a therapeutic area that is best taught through doing each action with guidance, support, and goal-setting. Our cognitive rehabilitation therapists help our clients “do” these life skills by first verbalizing the process and objectives, outlining success measures, and finally helping carry out each function. Through a balance of repetition and accountability, our goal is for our clients to learn the fundamental skills necessary for healthy, sustainable living.


Cognitive & Behavior Therapy Are
Life-Sustaining Services

 Behavior and cognitive rehabilitation therapies for the population with traumatic and acquired brain injuries are more crucial than ever.

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