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Healthy Cooking

The Role of Nutrition In Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

The food that we put in our bodies can impact the way we think, feel, and behave. Nutrition therapy is particularly important in helping to overcome the effects of traumatic brain injury. A well-designed nutritional therapy regimen can actually help boost cognitive performance.


Nutritional counseling is an intervention that seeks to mitigate the negative outcomes of secondary brain damage. This term refers to damage that occurs after or as a result of the initial traumatic brain injury.


A proper nutritional program can supply the brain with the extra amounts of the nutrients it has lost and, in turn, promote healing and reduce inflammation.


At Success, developing healthy eating habits and relationships with food is central to our treatment focus: 

  • Nutritional Support 

  • Healthy Cooking & Menu Preparation 

Eating Poke

Eating Well

At Success Rehabilitation's main residential facility, our registered dietitian nutritionist and chef work hard to develop delicious recipes that adhere to high nutritional standards. The dietitian personalizes client menus based on goals

and food preferences. Time is scheduled to discuss goals, progress, and meal preferences with our dietitian.

Success's general nutrition group brings an educational focus to healthy eating and eating awareness. This neurocognitive program cooking class focuses on how food can directly impact symptoms of mental wellness. We aim to redefine our clients’ relationships with food. We also clarify myths and misconceptions around diets and weight loss.

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