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Residential Supportive Living - Central Bucks County, PA

8 hours a day / 7 days a week

The Residential Supportive Living Program at Success NeuroRehab Central Bucks (SNR CB) helps clients who experienced brain injuries and other neurological impairments reach their highest independent skill levels through community-focused programming.

Residential Supportive Living - Program Focus

The Residential Supportive Living Program provides intensive rehabilitation therapies to emphasize abilities and skills to help clients reintegrate into the community. Clients are able to participate in the program up to eight hours a day, seven days a week, or may come for only one service during a period of time, or they may return for other services, as necessary, even years after their original illness or injury. 


You or your loved one may see one type of therapist or a combination, depending on the services needed. A sample of our specialized therapies, evaluations, and programs include:

  • physical therapy

  • occupational therapy

  • speech-language pathology

  • cognitive rehabilitation therapy

  • neurocognitive day program

  • recreational therapy

  • art & music therapy

  • rehabilitation counseling (individual and group)

  • vocational assessment and counseling 


Clients participate in this program up to eight hours a day, seven days a week, and live in one of Success' residential apartments. This enables clients the opportunity to return home and practice skills learned in the program. 

Community engagement is a program focus. Clients with brain injuries apply social integration skills, self-sufficiency, self-awareness, and mobility to more complex daily routines, such as meal preparation and schedule management in their homes and communities. The incorporation of vocational and educational goals prepares, places, and trains people with brain injury for gainful employment in the community, providing the client with a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. 

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary expertise empowers our team to conduct assessments and develop treatment plans to include ambitious recovery goals for clients served. We respect the person-centered model of care, which provides for client collaboration to develop goals towards further independence. A wide range of therapeutic services/modalities helps the client meet the full range of their needs.

Clinical Information

As determined by the clinical team at Success Rehabilitation, a client's acuity and stability level must allow for active participation in outpatient services for goal attainment at Success NeuroRehab Central Bucks. Assessment by the clinical team will determine the intensity of services.

What It Means To 'Live With Success'

Independent Living Support

Our supported living services allow eligible clients to live in their own apartment while benefiting from the structure and accountability of outpatient programming.

Enhance Core Life Skill

Designed for adults 18 and older, our goal is to enhance and further develop the core skills needed to sustain independence.

Centrally Located Program

Clients have the opportunity to live in an apartment in one of our neighboring, staff-supported residences, all of which are close to our main facility.

Continuum of Care

How Success NeuroRehab Central Bucks fits into our neurologic continuum of care model.

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Dublin, PA 18917

Who Is a Good Fit For Success Neuro Rehab Central Bucks?

Our independent living clients are committed to embracing a full and healthy schedule with activities outside of the home or apartment each week. Each individual schedule can include a range of day and evening services complemented by enrollment in school, employment, or community service.

Clients eligible to participate in our independent living services have demonstrated success in previous treatment and have defined tangible goals reflective of their clinical and life needs.



A Built-In

Independent living services offer our clients the opportunity to reside in one of our neighboring residential homes.

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Skills Therapy

Therapies are focused on themes that support activities of daily living, symptom management, nutrition, executive function, and self-care.


Clean Living Agreement 

Clients are expected to abstain from the use of substances and apartments are smoke and substance-free.


Living Arrangements

Our off-site garden apartments are located in the heart of Dublin, Pennsylvania. Each apartment is either 1 or 2 bedrooms in which individuals have their own private apartment or bedroom. The apartments have 24-hour team assistance.

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