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Support Group

Chaplain Services Program 

At Success Rehabilitation, our mission is to provide exceptional individualized care to our patients via a holistic approach to treatment. Holistic care is commonly defined as treating the patient as a whole, focusing on all elements that comprise each of us – the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. As spirituality is one of these components, Success Rehabilitation believes it is vital to one’s recovery to offer a Chaplain Services Program to our clients to assist in caring for their spiritual needs in their recovery journey.

Success's Chaplain Services Program is designed to accommodate the wide variety of our patients’ spiritual outlooks that stem from a diversity of faiths. We respect the inherent value of each individual resulting in the program’s goal – to help promote healing by addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of our clients while respecting their own beliefs and values.

Spirituality Groups

One of Success Rehabilitation's Chaplain Services Program's most unique attributes is that, in addition to offering traditional Chaplain services, we also offer spirituality groups to all clients. These groups are designed to help clients in their healing process and to discover their connection with self, others, nature, and the divine. Topics for spirituality groups include prayer and meditation, forgiveness, grief, and communication with self and others.

Support Group Session

What Is Spirituality's Role In Brain Injury Rehabilitation? 

As we meet clients in times of great emotional and spiritual in their brain injury recovery journey. We want to assist our clients in making emotional and spiritual connections to their communities of faith, to their own personal spiritual resources, and with the Holy as they understand it in their lives

Meet Our Chaplain

Paul Auckland.jpg

Spirituality after Brain Injury

An interview with Success Rehabiliation’s Pastor Paul Auckland to dig deeper into spirituality’s role in the recovery process after a brain injury.

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