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Art Therapy

At Success Rehabilitation, art therapy is one of many treatment modalities used daily with brain injury clients throughout Success Rehabilitation's continuum of care. Art aides in the recovery process by allowing the patients to do something they enjoy. When utilizing art therapy as a treatment intervention, Success instructors are working on various functional skills such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, standing tolerance, endurance, communication, expression of feelings, relaxation, socialization, memory, and problem-solving skills.

Anime Artist

Music Therapy

The music therapy program at Success Rehabilitation utilizes neuroscience research to help patients heal. Rehabilitation goals are addressed through individualized and standardized Neurologic Music Therapy techniques.


By using music, the brain can be leveraged to elicit different responses. These responses (whether it be motor, cognitive, or language-based) are not always observed in traditional therapies. For this reason, co-treatment between music therapy, speech, occupational and physical therapy occur often. Music therapy is offered in the form of both individual and group sessions:

  • Walking to live rhythmic music to improve stride length and pace

  • Playing exercises on harmonica to improve respiratory support

  • Striking drums to improve coordination and range of motion

  • Singing overlearned songs to elicit verbal expression and improve articulation

  • Ringing color-coded bells in a row to improve visual scanning

  • Playing two instruments simultaneously to improve attention

  • Using music as a mnemonic cue to improve memory

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Brain Injury Survivor, Cristabelle Braden, shares her inspiring life journey guided by music & faith

We talk more about her journey in this video and how you can inspire others to find a creative outlet.

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