Post-Acute Outcomes 

2019 Data/Brain Injury Programs

At Success Rehabilitation, use the Mayo Portland Adaptability Inventory (MPAI-4) to measure functional outcomes, evaluate the effectiveness of our clients’ rehabilitation programs, and to better understand the long-term needs of those with an acquired brain injury. The MPAI-4 is the industry standard used by post-acute brain injury providers and is used to meet the CARF standard for effectiveness and measurement of outcomes:

  • Ability (i.e. physical and cognitive skills such as memory and communication)

  • Adjustment (i.e. anxiety, depression, irritability, and self-awareness)

  • Participation (i.e. social interaction, initiation of activity, self-care, leisure activities)

Key Findings:

  • Since 2008, MPAI quality data indicates a 22% gain in functional and cognitive improvement that enabled individuals to return to work in the community.

  • On average, clients demonstrated a reduction of overall disability by 9.9 points from admission to discharge.

  • 87% of eligible clients are employed/volunteering in the community.

T-Scores > 60 = Severe Brain Injury

T-Scores 50 - 60 = Moderate to Severe Brain Injury

T-Scores 40 - 49 = Mild to Moderate Brain Injury

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