Home & Community Services -

Upper & Central Bucks County, PA

8 hours a day / 5 days a week

The Home and Community Services at Success Rehabilitation are person-centered, focusing on the individuals' desires, needs, and personal goals to help clients who experienced brain injuries and other neurological impairments achieve their highest independent skill levels. All individuals residing at Success participate in programming at our main facility, upper bucks, or central bucks locations.

Home & Community Services - Program Focus

Clients who reside and participate in our Home & Community Services live in off-site homes that have 3 bedrooms, or a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Each individual has a private bedroom with all of the amenities needed to support someone living in the community and has 24-hour team member assistance.


Success Rehabilitation's Home & Community Services help individuals achieve independence by offering services and supports both in the home and in the community.  Success provides 1-on-1 rehabilitation focusing on activities of daily living, community engagement, social and emotional growth, and vocational goals. Unique communication and behavioral needs are addressed through a transdisciplinary, team-based model of intervention.

You or your loved one may see one type of therapist or a combination, depending on the services needed. A sample of our specialized therapies, evaluations, and services include:

  • physical therapy 

  • occupational therapy 

  • speech-language pathology 

  • cognitive rehabilitation therapy

  • neurocognitive day program

  • rehabilitation counseling (individual and group)

  • vocational assessment and counseling 

  • cognitive skills development

  • life skills training

  • 24-hour support & supervision

  • family education & training

  • case management

  • community engagement

  • medication coordination

  • behavioral strategy development

  • transportation


Our home and community programs are delivered in the individual’s home, community, work setting, and at our program locations to help reestablish a long-term support network in a familiar setting. Clients participate in this program up to eight hours a day, five days a week.

Our Approach

Our multidisciplinary expertise empowers our team to conduct assessments and develop treatment plans to include ambitious recovery goals for clients served. We respect the person-centered model of care, which provides for client collaboration to develop goals towards further independence. A wide range of therapeutic services/modalities helps the client meet the full range of their needs.

Clinical Information

As determined by the clinical team at Success Rehabilitation, a client's acuity and stability level must allow for active participation in our Home and Community Services for goal attainment at Success Rehabilitation. Assessment by the clinical team will determine the intensity of services.

Who Is a Good Fit For Home & Community Services?

Clients participating in our Home and Community Services learn functional skills within the comfort of their own living environments, providing the best preparation possible for increased independence. Clients have a primary focus on improving the functionality and our rehabilitation programs are uniquely positioned for individuals who want to maximize their independence.

Benefical Outcomes

Home and Community Rehabilitation Services give clients the opportunity to improve functionality at home or in the community. Our programs help improve the transition time between facilities or outpatient settings and a client's home, resulting in more beneficial outcomes for our cleints.

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Living Arrangements

Clients who reside and participate in our Home & Community Services live in off-site homes that have 3 bedrooms with 24-hour team assistance. Each individual has a private bedroom with all of the amenities needed to support someone living in the community. Team members provide assistance with meal planning and preparation, budgeting, money management, laundry skills, housekeeping, ADL's, employment assistance, transportation.

Our off-site garden apartments are located in the heart of Dublin, Pennsylvania. Each apartment is either 1 or 2 bedroom in which individuals have their own private apartment or bedroom. The apartments have 24-hour team assistance.