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Highly Skilled Nursing Department

Success Rehabilitation has highly skilled nursing staff. Proficient and focused on the injury and goals, these experienced professionals are part of the team providing oversight and assistance to clients, depending on their treatment plan. Their certifications may include Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, and Licensed Vocational Nurse. Many are Certified Brain Injury Specialists as well and have a history of working with those who have endured a brain injury. Their expertise covers:

  • Wound care

  • Sleep

  • Medication support

  • Neuroendocrine function

  • Family training

  • Dietary services

  • Treatment of various co-morbidities, such as :

  • Diabetes, cardiac conditions, orthopedic injuries, cancer, gastrointestinal challenges, etc.

Nursing At Success Rehabilitation

Success Rehabilitation nurses are vitally important to treatment. In partnership with our clinical department, they collaborate with case managers, therapists, the family, and–when needed–specialists in the community to ensure medical needs are met. For those in our residential supported living programs, nursing is provided from 8:00 am - 11: 00 pm. For those in the day treatment and outpatient program, nursing services are scheduled throughout the day and enable maximum programming. 

Once a client is admitted to Success Rehabilitation, the nursing staff gathers necessary medical information to assist the treatment team and client as they continue their rehabilitation journey. Depending on the program type, an in-depth medical history and examination may be necessary to ensure the promotion of continued progress and ensure follow up with primary medical concerns. This information is updated frequently as the patient progresses. Nurses follow the client's health status and discuss changes with the clinical team and staff. If a medical specialist is required for an identified need, nurses work with professionals in the community to help clients receive care. Success Rehabilitation has an extensive network of providers that nurses access for consultations, appointments, and recommendations.

Nurses welcome the opportunity to meet with families to provide education, training, and support, medication administration and management, medical appointments, and recommended health practices. For clients transitioning closer to home who are still challenged from various long term health issues, referrals can be established for ongoing care needs.

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