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Community Skills Program® joins Success Rehabilitation’s continuum of care.

QUAKERTOWN, PA – September 30, 2022 – Community Skills Program® - a non-residential rehabilitation program of Counseling and Rehabilitation, Inc., has transferred its program to continue under Success Rehabilitation and will now become a part of Success Rehabilitation’s comprehensive continuum of care. The transition is to become effective on January 1, 2023.

“We are truly humbled to have the trust of Sally Kneipp, founder of Community Skills Program, and will work with her to continue, under Success Rehabilitation, to build on her legacy and the incredible work of Community Skills Program. We are excited to come together to strengthen our culture of excellence in becoming the model for post-acute brain injury rehabilitation.” Success Rehabilitation CEO Joanne Tangney said in a statement, “This new initiative accelerates our strategic goal of delivering a comprehensive continuum of care to meet the rehabilitation needs of individuals with acquired brain injury or other neurologic impairments wherever they need it the most—from our residential and outpatient programs to their homes and communities.”

When explaining the decision to approach Success Rehabilitation about administering Community Skills Program as part of Success’s comprehensive care options, Sally pointed out that she has respected the brain injury providers with whom Community Skills Program has collaborated over the years, and has enjoyed their collegial relationships. She added, “Given the values and vision of Success Rehabilitation’s team members and the continuity and consistency of their management, it seemed logical for Success to take the reins in expanding Community Skills Program’s non-residential home and community-based services under their leadership.”


Community Skills Program, a private non-residential rehabilitation program of Counseling and Rehabilitation, Inc., has been serving individuals in Pennsylvania since 1981, and then in New Jersey, as well. Community Skills Program was designed to assist individuals with traumatic brain injuries to make the transition from hospital-based programs to inclusive community living focused on their strong interests and personal goals.

Success Rehabilitation is a specialty post-acute brain injury rehabilitation provider with residential and neuro rehabilitation outpatient program locations in Southeastern Pennsylvania. For 34 years, Success Rehabilitation’s CARF Accredited brain injury programs have set the standard for outcomes-focused rehabilitation, including a comprehensive vocational program, improving the lives of individuals who have experienced acquired brain injury.



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