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Post Concussion Intensive Program from Success Neuro Rehab

June 2022, Quakertown, PA - Success Neuro Rehab has developed a new Post Concussion Intensive Program. This 4-week program provides a multi-disciplinary approach with individualized treatment for adults 18+ or older who have sustained a concussion from workplace accidents, automobile accidents, slips-and-falls, sports, and more.

As research indicates, early access to care is critical for successful concussion recovery. Our Post Concussion Intensive Program focuses on getting you a prompt appointment, and offer in-person visits and telerehabilitation for access to concussion care.

Our team of multi-disciplinary concussion care specialists, create individualized plans to manage and treat symptoms, and provide options for potential long-term care that enable a safe and effective return to daily activities, including work, sports, and school.

The Post Concussion Intensive Program features FDA-cleared ImPACT baseline and post-injury testing to monitor patients’ progress and help guide treatment and rehabilitation. Dr. Karen Rosenberger, Psy.D., CBIST has recently completed the Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC) Certification.

What does that mean? The Impact test helps assess concussions and monitor patients’ progress and help guide treatment and rehabilitation. This is important because when you face a concussion, it’s crucial to have a recovery protocol in place and ensure a safe return to daily activity.

Dr. Karen, together with our clinical team of brain injury and concussion management experts, utilize specialized treatment technology to treat post-concussion symptoms, bringing new hope to those suffering from this condition that is all too often misunderstood.

Recovery from a brain injury can take several weeks, with lingering effects sometimes present for months. Success Neuro Rehab's Post Concussion Intensive Program manages the process by evaluating and treating cognitive, physical and vestibular concerns using current, research-based methods.

Want to learn more? Contact the Success Neuro Rehab Post Concussion Intensive Program!

To make an appointment with one of our concussion experts, learn about funding options, or find out more about our concussion program:

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