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Success Rehabilitation Selected For New Funding Program

Success Rehabilitation is pleased to announce that we are a provider participant in the new Department of Health - Acquired Brain Injury Program (ABIP).

About the ABIP 

The Acquired Brain Injury Program (ABIP) is now taking referrals and will provide outpatient/day program or home and community-based rehabilitation services. If eligible, an individual may receive up to $50,000 or a years worth of rehab services. The application will be a 2-step process similar to the Head Injury Program consisting of the application process and an assessment process.  

To be eligible in the application process, an individual must complete the application forms, be 18 to 21 years old, have verification of an acquired brain injury, be a Pennsylvania resident, and be within the income guidelines. For 2020 applicants, the ABIP will look at income from 2019. Based on 300% of Federal Poverty Income Guidelines, the income limit is $37, 470. Please be advised that only the applicant's income will be considered.  

Our Role 

Success Rehabilitation will conduct the second phase of the application process. Through an assessment, we will determine if the individual will benefit from rehabilitation and develop a service plan. 

To make a referral or for any questions regarding the program, please call the Brain Injury Helpline at 1-866-412-4755 or 717-772-2763. You may also email questions or referrals to RA-DHBFHABIP@pa.gov or fax to 717-265-7366


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