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Success Rehabilitation, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Prominent Brain Injury Rehabilitation Provider

Quakertown, PA - November 10, 2023 — Success Rehabilitation, Inc., a leading post-acute brain injury rehabilitation provider, is delighted to announce its strategic acquisition of Acadia, Inc., a distinguished post-acute brain injury rehabilitation provider located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Starting from January 2024, Acadia, Inc. will be rebranded as: Acadia NeuroRehab - A Division of Success Rehabilitation.

Acadia, Inc., renowned for its extensive experience in delivering comprehensive post-acute neuro-rehabilitation services in a community-integrated setting for individuals who have experienced brain injuries, has garnered a strong reputation for delivering the highest quality care for over thirty-five years.

This acquisition marks a pivotal milestone for Success Rehabilitation, Inc., aligning with its service growth strategy and meeting essential criteria, including:

• Alignment of rehabilitation philosophy, organizational principles, values, and culture fit.

• An experienced management team with a proven track record.

• A shared goal of delivering the highest quality of rehabilitative services.

• A desirable geographic location.

• An outstanding reputation within the brain injury community.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

Strategic Alignment: Success Rehabilitation, Inc. and Acadia, Inc. share a commitment to excellence in providing rehabilitative services to individuals who have experienced brain injuries. This partnership leverages their collective strengths to offer a wider range of post-acute rehabilitation services throughout Pennsylvania.

Market Expansion: With Acadia, Inc., Success Rehabilitation, Inc. gains access to a new geographic location, bolstering its market presence and providing additional resources for clients to achieve their rehabilitation goals.

Operational Excellence: Acadia, Inc. will continue its operations under existing management, ensuring a seamless transition for clients, vendors, partners, and employees. The consolidation of operations aims to streamline processes, improving efficiency and communication.

Enhanced Capabilities: The integration of Acadia, Inc. into Success Rehabilitation, Inc. allows for the leveraging of new resources and expertise, enabling an expanded range of services for clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Joanne Tangney, CEO of Success Rehabilitation, Inc., expressed her enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating, "We are excited to welcome Acadia, Inc. into the Success Rehabilitation family. This strategic move aligns perfectly with our vision for the future, enabling us to expand our continuum of post-acute care into new geographic locations, strengthen our clinical knowledge and services, and provide more value to our clients and partners. We are committed to maintaining the exceptional rehabilitative services and quality of care that Acadia, Inc. is known for while exploring new opportunities for growth."

Anne Hohenwarter, CEO of Acadia, Inc., added, “Our partnership with Success Rehabilitation, Inc. is a significant milestone for Acadia, Inc. We are confident that together we will reach new heights in delivering exceptional rehabilitative services to our clients and providing value to partners in the brain injury community. Our dedicated team is excited about the opportunities this collaboration will bring."

About Success Rehabilitation, Inc.: Success Rehabilitation is a leading post-acute brain injury rehabilitation provider offering a wide range of programs, including Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation, Home & Community Services/Semi-Independent Residential Living, Residential Supportive Living, Neurocognitive Day, Neuro Rehabilitation Outpatient Services, and Home-and Community-Based Services across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

About Acadia, Inc.: Acadia, Inc. is a highly respected provider of post-acute brain injury rehabilitation, offering comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation services in a community-integrated setting to adults whose brain injuries or other neurological disorders have affected their ability to live independently, work competitively, and participate fully as active members of the community.

Media Contact: Kevin Tangney, Director of Marketing and Company Affairs

Phone: 215-538-3488

For more information about Success Rehabilitation, Inc., and Acadia, Inc., please visit their websites at www.successrehab.com and www.acadiarehab.com.



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