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Telehealth Services

Success Rehabilitation is currently offering telehealth services in response to the coronavirus. Success's assessment will determine whether telehealth services will be beneficial for the individual and funding approval for these services is required.  These services are completed via HIPAA compliant telephonic or video communication.

Telehealth Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Success  Rehabilitation is in complete operation, utilizing telehealth to provide all therapies to patients in their home or at secure Success Rehabilitation residences and apartments. Success therapists will conduct rehabilitation from the clinics and can add in specialists and physicians as needed. Success staff can also consult simultaneously with family members, caregivers, and insurers.

More About Telehealth 

Telehealth is an innovative, secure technology that enables real-time clinical interactions across the entire continuum of care. This communication system allows practitioners in one location to communicate with patients in another location. Anytime, anywhere, clinicians can address a host of health issues immediately, eliminating the need for patient travel whenever possible.

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